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Technology That can save your life. 

Getting Faced .Com Is committed to providing you with the best phone camera picture filing system. Designed with your safety and security in mind.                          
You will be able to send your phone pictures to, where we will securely store them for you.
If there is ever a problem with a person you have in your files such as a date rape, robbery,assault or just an auto accident your photos will be available to you.
Let your loved ones know you use GETTING FACED.COM  and your loved ones will have access to these pictures in the event something happens to you.
You will be able to take a picture with your cell phone and store it in our data base whether it's a crime in progress an assault or just a friend. these pictures will be available to only people with your consent.  

Deleted files will stay in the trash for up to 90 days for your security.
Let friends and strangers know they are GETTING FACED. Almost everyone likes having their picture taken,If your meeting someone new and they don't want their picture taken step back and ask yourself why they wouldn't want you to take their picture? What are their true intentions. After all they should care that you don't want to get yourself in a bad situation.Keep in mind that if your at a club,mall or anywhere and you meet a stranger and they know they're GETTING FACED, and that the picture file has been uploaded to the GETTING FACED data base, your chances are greatly reduced of having harm done by a total stranger or someone you thought you could trust. GETTING FACED.COM is in the start up stages and should be finished by late 2012. This service will be free or at a minimal cost if any.
 We are working with sponsor's and hope to offer it free.
Most serial rapist,predators and killers almost always comes across as someone who is compassionate and caring.

                   Here are some very disturbing statistics.                     

About 81% of rape victims are white; 18% are black; 1% are of other races. (Violence against Women, Bureau of Justice Statistics, U.S. Dept. of Justice, 1994.)

About half of all rape victims are in the lowest third of income distribution; half are in the upper two-thirds. (Violence against Women, Bureau of Justice Statistics, U.S. Dept. of Justice, 1994.)

There were 71 forcible rapes per 100,000 females reported to United States law enforcement agencies in 1996. 2

Data from the National Women's Study, a longitudinal telephone survey of a national household probability sample of women at least 18 years of age, show 683,000 women forcibly raped each year and that 84% of rape victims did not report the offense to the police.3

Using Uniform Crime Report data for 1994 and 1995, the Bureau of Justice Statistics found that of rape victims who reported the offense to law enforcement, about 40% were under the age of 18, and 15% were younger than 12.4

In a national survey 27.7% of college women reported a sexual experience since the age of fourteen that met the legal definition of rape or attempted rape, and 7.7% of college men reported perpetrating aggressive behavior which met the legal definition of rape.5

The National Crime Victimization Survey indicates that for 1992-1993, 92% of rapes were committed by known assailants.1 About half of all rapes and sexual assaults against women are committed by friends and acquaintances, and 26% are by intimate partners.1

Risk factors for perpetrating sexual violence include: early sexual experience (both forced and voluntary),6 adherence by men to sex role stereotyping,7,8 negative attitudes of men towards women,6,9,,10,11,12, alcohol consumption,8,13 acceptance of rape myths by men.8,9,12,14,15

Non-forceful verbal resistance and lack of resistance are associated with rape completion.1,6

The adult pregnancy rate associated with rape is estimated to be 4.7%. This information, in conjunction with estimates based on the U.S. Census, suggest that there may be 32,101 annual rape-related pregnancies among American women over the age of 18.17

Non-genital physical injuries occur in approximately 40% of completed rape cases.18 As many as 3% of all rape cases have non-genital injuries requiring overnight hospitalization.19

Victims of rape often manifest long-term symptoms of chronic headaches,18,20fatigue20, sleep disturbance20, recurrent nausea,20 decreased appetite,21 eating disorders,22 menstrual pain,18 sexual dysfunction,23 and suicide attempts.21 In a longitudinal study, sexual assault was found to increase the odds of substance abuse by a factor of 2.5.24

Estimates of the occurrence of sexually transmitted diseases resulting from rape range from 3.6% to 30%.18,22 HIV transmission risk rate from rape is estimated at 1 in 500,22,25 although a few probable cases have been documented in Sweden and Great Britain. 26,27

Victims of marital or date rape are 11 times more likely to be clinically depressed, and 6 times more likely to experience social phobia than are non-victims. Psychological problems are still evident in cases as long as 15 years after the assault.28

Fatalities occur in about 0.1% of all rape cases.29,30

A study examining the use of health services over a five year period by female members of a health maintenance program found that the number of visits to physicians by rape victims increased 56% in the year following the crime, compared to a 2% utilization increase by non-victims.31

The National Public Services Research Institute estimates the lifetime cost for each rape with physical injuries which occurred in 1987 to be $60,000.32


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